Pot Chrysanthemum Rock&Roll

A colorful pot-Chrysanthemum Rock&Roll with various colors in one pot. We provide them in a pot size 14 from April up until November.





Chrysanthemum are often looked at as old fashioned and boring. Pity, because these versatile autumn toppers offer so much! The Rock&Roll is a mix of colors in one pot; white, gold, pink and orange. The chrysanthemum form a beautiful round, bushy pillow of flowers of their very own which builds an overall colorful, cheerful flower.

- Impressive flowering from August up until November. With chrysanthemum you delay the winter, they flower by the time most flowers are fading. Very versatile. They do well on the balcony or terrace, but also inside … The possibilities are endless.
-Maintenance friendly. With a minimum of maintenance the Chrysanthemum bloom easily for 2 months.

Purchase tips
Buy filled, bushy plants with lots of buds. The buds should be open slightly so that you can see the color.

Chrysanthemum in pots are very colorful and decorative inside as well as outside. They do not like full sunshine. Outside they like to be sheltered against rain and wind. Take them inside when there’s frost at night. Place
the chrysanthemums in a heavy pot. This way they are less likely to fall over in the wind.

Remove faded flowers regularly to extend the bloom.
Water every day. The root ball must always remain humid. Make sure the soil is not soaked. Fertilize every 3 weeks.